Adult Stem Cell, Master Relief For All
Pains, Injuries and Illnesses Without Drugs
But More Effective Than a Drug Medicine

An adult stem cell can provide relief from back pains, illnesses, injuries, or other bodily, physical or mental complaints, according to bio-scientists, arising from various ailments such as headache, chronic fatigue, paralysis, impotence, depression, stress, aging, diabetes, prostate enlargement, obesity, arthritis, stroke, heart attack, colitis, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, osteoporosis, gout, fibromyalgia, AIDS, or possibly cancer, or any other pains and many more.

Adult stem cell should be distinguished from Embryonic stem cell. The adult stem cell is contained in one's own body since the time of birth which he can readily avail of it any time he needs it for himself. The embryonic stem cell on the other hand belongs to an embryo, literally an unborn child, and it is believed that it is immoral (or illegal) to harvest a stem cell from, and destroy, that "unborn child" for transplantation to another person. The stem cell referred to in this article is the Adult Stem Cell which you already have in your body - and not the embryonic stem cell. Scientists believe, however, that both have similar properties that can offer health benefits for use by human beings.

If you are afflicted with any of the above symptoms or lingering diseases, it is possible that you are actually suffering from lack of sufficient adult stem cell within your body that can aggravate your pain, injury or illness. The latest known and effective activator of this stem cell is by taking JDI tablets, a unique food supplement. Its producer claims that it is the only one of its kind today and states that these tablets can help you speed up recovery from any illnesses and injuries and they do not require a doctor's prescription. JDI is a tablet which is specially composed of Adult Stem Cell Nutrition with Multivitamins and Minerals and without any drug ingredient.

Adult Stem Cell Completely Heals
Severe Skin Burns on Man's Body

Scientists call the Adult Stem Cell a natural built-in master repair tool within our own body that started when we were first conceived in our mother's womb to relieve us from the effects of injuries and diseases. It is our God-given self-protection to keep us in good health at all times. This food supplement can be a great liberator for many poor, handicap or disabled persons because of its low price. Each JDI tablet is cheaper than a pack of cigarettes.

A dietary supplement of JDI tablets with adult stem cell nutrition support can possibly save half the cost and time of treating patients in health care and home care facilities and hospitals.

SIDE NOTE: The JDI tablets can be purchased in a 60-tablet bottle for a person's one month health maintenance supply for $35.90 which include shipping and handling by clicking this green LINK. Purchasing an additional bottle will only cost $29.95 with no shipping and handling charge of $5.95. Consuming 2 tablets per day is for regular dosage. If more dosage is required for therapy purposes, a doctor's prescription is advisable.


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You may listen to the brief recorded message of Dr. John Cappello, the pioneer researcher and developer of JDI Nutrition tablets with Adult Stem Cell, Phone No. 866-427-6145.