Grand Jury, The Graft Stopper
By: Atty. Marlowe Camello.

The U.S. GRAND JURY SYSTEM is a 95% effective Government Graft Stopper. It is easy to install. Just follow the steps in this LINK. Invite anti-graft crusaders and NGOs to unite to install it.

The most powerful and proven effective device to end government corruption ever created by man is the U.S. Grand Jury system. U.S. President Thomas Jefferson said: “The Jury is the only anchor ever yet imagined by man that can hold a government to the principles of its constitution.” Indeed it is so effective, powerful and very successful that it has already withstood the test of time for over 226 years now in the U.S.

Anyone who commits a serious crime in the U.S. can assure himself 95% that he will be accused (criminally indicted) in court, even if he may be a U.S. President, should he engage in government acts of graft and corruption. The U.S. is the only country in the world today that deploys the grand jury system. Government in other countries have disbanded their grand jury systems because their government officials can not simply withstand the ability of their people of going after them and send them to jail when they abuse their authority. Many government officials in the U.S. have likewise agitated the abolition of the grand jury system but they cannot do so easily because it is enshrined in the American bill of rights.

Thanks to Article 2, Section 1, and Article 6, Section 32, of the Philippine Constitution and Republic Act 6735, we, the People in the Private Sector, can install this device in the Philippines with our own efforts over the objection of corrupt government officials and their cohorts. A Jury is a special union or association of people not contrary to law and it is guaranteed under Article 2, Section 8, of the constitution. It is a bill of right of the common and ordinary people for their self-help protection against abuses by public officials and powerful crime offenders.

However, given the high degree of corruption of most, if not all, of public and judicial officials in the highest echelons of the 3 government branches, we, the common people, cannot expect them to install for us this powerful U.S. type GRAND JURY anti-graft system.

Caution: This proposed Grand Jury Law will be ineffective and powerless if it will be drafted with the participation of a corrupt public official due to conflict of interest. Public officials do not want to dilute their power to control justice. Judicial control is their “bread and butter” and the basic cause of the escalating government graft all around the country.

Question: Is there a government organized or sponsored anti-graft body or association that has ever succeeded under the control of the government in eliminating substantially any government graft and corruption in any government instrumentality? Answer: ZERO, NADA. Graft and corruption is even worsening.

I already have drafted the U.S. type grand jury and trial jury law in the way how it works in the United States. Please refer to the Petition for the proposed National Jury Law. This proposed people's initiative law is easy to enact by simply working on it in earnest step by step.

There are now some well known and prestigious personalities who have signified to enact this proposed law. Among them are as follows:


1. Atty. Cita B. Garcia of Quezon City. Email, hard working jury adoption advocate;

2. Ms. Elvie Medina of Manila. Email, civic leader, talented tv media practitioner, and strong jury adoption advocate;

3. Mr. Oscar Barrera of Manila. Email, businessman, civic leader and strong jury advocate;

4. Atty. Berteni "Toto" Causing of Manila. Email, brilliant law practitioner, journalist, strong jury adoption advocate and engineer;

5. Mr. Roman Guerrero of Davao. Email, teacher, and strong jury adoption advocate .

6. Ms. Daisy Brett-Holt of London, U.K., Email, strong jury adoption advocate. She purposely came back to the Philippines purposely to help the jury adoption;

7. Actually, there are many more prestigious professionals and civic minded personalities whom the above individually named jury adoption advocates have persuaded to support the jury adoption crusade.


1. Dr. Nelson Paguyo of Minnesota, USA, Email, strong jury adoption advocate. He prepared the Constitution and By-Laws of the PJIA (Philippine Jury International Advocates, Inc). besides being a practicing medical doctor, he always finds time in giving good organization advices and encouragements to us jury advocates;

2. Dr. Greg Mariano, Jr., M.D., of Pennsylvania, USA, Email, strong jury adoption advocate. He is an active solicitor for jury adoption members and very eager to have the jury systems get enacted soon.

3. Mr. Tony Villan of Italy, Email He is a very strong defender of the Jury System as a means to eradicate government graft and corruption in the Philippines.

4. Atty. Marlowe Camello of Homeland, California, Email He is the author of the following proposed anti-graft laws:

(a) The National Jury Law; and

(b) The Public Service Reformation Act.

If the above proposed laws are both enacted, he strongly believes that government corruption in the Philippines can effectively be reduced by as much as 95%. They will create unity among the Filipino people, i.e., Christians and Muslims, and bring back prosperity in the Philippines with equal footing as that of Japan. Foreign investors and industrialists from foreign countries will become interested in putting up their business in the Philippines that would create more employment opportunities for the Filipino people.

The benefit of enacting both laws would be tremendous that will greatly improve the quality of life in the Philippines. These two (2) proposed laws will make the Philippines a great envy of other countries around the world. Every reader of this newsletter is invited to read, analyze, and examine those proposed measures. If you have some ideas to improve their effectiveness, please let Atty. Camello know and he would be delighted to incorporate, and thank you, for your great ideas into these propositions.

The names of other leaders and supporters of this jury adoption project can also be found in this LINK.

Enactment of the National Jury Law represents the national peaceful rebellion by the Filipino People against each and all government grafters. Let us approve it and put all grafters out of business in governing this country with their deceitful practices. MABUHAY ANG FILIPINAS!!

I plead with our jury adoption advocates and all other anti-graft Non-Government-Organizations (NGOs), for the sake of our children, and their children's children against unmerciful grafters and thieves in the government, that we unite in this jury adoption movement. It is the only means by which we can dismantle the "Government Graft & Corruption System" in the Philippines and make our country a very pleasant place to live for all of us Filipinos in our generation and the next. "UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL" and FAIL.

Additional benefit of enacting
the Grand Jury Systems Law


The National Jury Law will further solve the widening conflict between Muslims and Christians in Mindanao. Some people may take this as a joke but they seem to overlook the basic reason why the Muslims want to secede from the main stream of Philippine Society. The fundamental reason is INJUSTICE and the basic solution is JUSTICE - not politics. So-called political solutions are more intended to satisfy the greed of politicians, rather than the need of their constituents.

The U.S. Jury system will enable the poor common Muslims to participate and decide in their local justice system so that they can likewise accuse in court, then try and decide by a trial jury, also composed of Muslims, anyone who steps or deprives them of their freedom, liberty and rights, as well as those who tricked them into signing powers of attorneys to sell, or to use as collateral of loans with banks, and did not receive the proceeds from their sell or loan on, their lands including their own datus who mislead, enslave and use them as mercenaries to fight clan wars not of their own makings but by their datus on their violent and deadly rivalry in politics, business, and royal family courtships.

As a result, common poor Muslims cannot get full education they deserve to compete for economic survival. They end up unable to learn how to improve their skills for employment or trade and also unable to improve their communities. They are always under the command and control of their datus and sultans to fight wars who are then told to blame and hate the Christians for the poor economic condition and blight of their communities and use this condition as their reason to secede.

Juries are excellent unifier of people. Juries will unite Muslims and Christians unknowingly like the way they are unified in the U.S. Unknowingly because the U.S. has no law to force people to unite. The U.S. has no laws telling people to form a group like the MILF, or MNLF, to fight the Christians or Muslims, or vice versa. Juries unite people AUTOMATICALLY.

HOW? By non-discriminatory blinded selection of jurors through lottery of their names from voters list TO DECIDE IN JUSTICE regardless of color, creed, tribe, ethnicity, rich or poor, big or small, short or tall, ugly or beautiful, weak or powerful, man or woman, and those in between, by sitting side-by-side in court to jointly to do their job on the same rightful side of the law against an outlaw.

They are given instruction on the law in the language that they understand through interpreters, shown evidence at the trial, then given freedom to decide by themselves with their own free will and with no judge, datu or political intervention to dictate them to make their decision.

Discrimination in justice is the basic cause that corrupts people and government. Fair justice system in the U.S. through juries is what made it a stable democracy for over 226 years now. With Grand juries, no grafters or tyrants can be comfortable living outside of jail.

Graft and corruption will never stop if the poor and common Muslims or Christians are not able to send high powered grafters to jail. The poor and common Muslims and Christians can accomplish that with Grand Juries.

Let us adopt the Jury System and stop the graft and stop the Muslim secession movement AUTOMATICALLY in the southern Philippines without much ceremony of a so-called GRP-MILF peace process negotiation. Without justice such a negotiation will never be reached in our lifetime - an exercise in futility for over 40 years.


The National Jury Law shall educate the Filipino People of their legal, civic, ethical and moral rights and responsibility towards their fellowmen. This will be accomplished through Jury Instruction.

Jury Instructions will be issued by a judge on a regular basis each time a jury is formed and there is no better authority to do this than judges of the law.

Without a jury system and without jury instructions in this country where shall the people obtain their education to learn their ethics and morals? Well, from who else?

From outlaws such as Death squad masterminds, the NPAs, he Abu Sayaps, tyrant government officials and tyrant officers of the Army or Police who teach people how to kill people or kidnap people for ransom;

From tyrant politician parents who teach their sons become killers of people to massacre people. The Maguindanao massacre would not have happened if the massacre mastermind had not been thought by his tyrant parents.

From corrupt high officials and "certified liars" (borrowing the words of the Ombudsman) who teach their family members and subordinates on how to steal money from the government, to buy flashy condominium properties and share together and launder their loots in several banks to make their money appear "clean";

From corrupt politicians who teach their kids how to get more government fat allowances and pork barrels so that when their kids become politicians themselves, this country ends up with political dynasty of corrupt officials. Shall I say more?

So, when shall we adopt the jury system? After the Philippines will become a barbaric country like Iran, Somalia, Afghanistan, and China which make aborted babies into dinner soup or harvest the organs of executed convicted prisoners for transplantation to their terminally ill leaders, North Korea, etc? Think about it ladies and gentlemen.

Should DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima have to wait to favor jury installation when the Philippines shall already become barbaric like those countries named above? How come she cannot prosecute the death squad masterminds now that she is already a Justice Secretary? She was so determined to do this when she was still a Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission? What happened?