Jury Website References

This Jury Website Reference is intended as a study guide in learning our proposed jury law. Just print pages 1 and 2 only.

HOW TO USE THIS REFERENCE SHEET: If you have received a copy of this Pop Sheet the first time, type accurately in your URL window the website below (Sorry it will not click on paper). You must get online first by typing it correctly in your browser window:


Once you get online, simply click the topic heading on the right side of the big black dot. Automatically, it will show the entire article. No need to type the websites underneath each topic line. Example: Click on "Home Page" and you will promptly get the write up about the "Home Page".

Most of its topics is about the "People Empowerment Initiative" authored by Atty. Marlowe Camello.

  • Home Page. It answers the basic question why the Filipino people need to have a jury system to minimize government corruption once and for all: https://www.the-filipino-people.com/;

  • Grand Jury Introduction. What is the power behind this Jury why it can fearlessly accuse in court any powerful grafter even a corrupt President? https://www.the-filipino-people.com/Grand-Jury-Introduction.html;

  • Grand Juror's Oath. A bow to high secrecy duty is one unique feature of the oath of the grand juror. Jurors must master the art of secrecy in order that their organization, the Grand Jury, could effectively go after their target of investigation. https://www.the-filipino-people.com/Grand-Jurors-Oath.html;

  • Trial Jury Introduction. What makes it possible for people ignorant of laws can serve as a juror in trial jury? https://www.the-filipino-people.com/Trial-Jury-Introduction.html;

  • JSL Preamble. Statement of the basic reason for the adoption of the jury systems law. https://www.the-filipino-people.com/JSL-Preamble.html

  • Article I. Provision for the official name of the jury systems law and lays down why the people are more powerful than their government or public officials. https://www.the-filipino-people.com/PJI-1.html;

  • Article II. Provision for the Jury Types and Principles and benefits for jurors. https://www.the-filipino-people.com/PJI-2.html;

  • Article III. Provision for the Grand Jury System, Powers, Membership, Oath and Grand Jury Instruction. https://www.the-filipino-people.com/PJI-3.html;

  • Article IV. Provision for the Trial Jury System, Jurors or membership, how trial jury operates, instructions, etc. https://www.the-filipino-people.com/PJI-4.html;

  • Article V. Provision for the Definition of Terms and Compliance, Obstruction of Justice, etc. https://www.the-filipino-people.com/PJI-5.html;

  • Article VI. Provision for the Jury System Management Vested in the Supreme Court https://www.the-filipino-people.com/PJI-6.html;

  • Article VII. Provision regarding Mandatory Trial; Plea Bargaining requirements; Exception to Jury Trial https://www.the-filipino-people.com/PJI-7.html;

  • Article VIII. Provision re Qualification for Jury Membership https://www.the-filipino-people.com/PJI-8.html;

  • Article IX. Provision re Funding the Jury System and Security Matters https://www.the-filipino-people.com/PJI-9.html;

  • Article X. Provision re Implementing Authority for the Jury System; Proceeding the case for trial; Jury Verdict; Majority Rule verdict, Penalty, etc. https://www.the-filipino-people.com/PJI-10.html;

  • Article XI. Provision re Jury Trial Interpreters; Qualification; Required Training https://www.the-filipino-people.com/PJI-11.html;

  • Article XII. Provision re Jurisdiction of Jury Systems in Foreign Countries; Philippine Consulates; Duties Consular officials, etc. https://www.the-filipino-people.com/PJI-12.html;

  • Article XIII. Provision re Effectivity of the Jury Systems Law. https://www.the-filipino-people.com/PJI-13.html;

  • Leaders of the Jury Movement. Names of leaders and supporters; Professions; Contacts/Emails. https://www.the-filipino-people.com/leaders.html ;

  • Appeal For Donation. Names of possible foreign sources of donations https://www.the-filipino-people.com/appeal-for-donation.html;

  • FAQ Website. A comprehensive Questions and Answers Page. A good study guide to learn about the benefits of the jury system and its impact on the social lives of the Filipino people. Good reading for serious student about the adoption of the Jury System. https://www.the-filipino-people.com/FAQ.html;

  • Trial Jury Instruction. The great importance of the Jury Instruction in Jury Trials; Without it, a jury system cannot operate. The means to educate citizens how to serve in juries. https://www.the-filipino-people.com/Trial-Jury-Instruction.html;

  • Grand Jury Instruction. A detailed explanation on the wisdom of secret grand jury investigation. Grand Jury is the greatest enforcer of the rule of law. It directly represents the people's power in going after powerful government grafters and other serious crime offenders https://www.the-filipino-people.com/Grand-Jury-Instruction.html;

  • Basic Cause of Government Corruption. Without understanding the basic cause of G&C, it would be impossible to find its solution. Wrong analysis equals wrong solution. https://www.the-filipino-people.com/Basic-Cause.html;

  • Petition to the COMELEC. A draft of the Petition to the COMELEC to set the initiative for election and approval of the People Empowerment Initiative to create jury systems. To be filed with COMELEC only after gathering of voters' signatures as required in RA 6735. https://www.the-filipino-people.com/Petition-To-COMELEC.html;

  • The Republican Government of the Philippines.Answering the Question: "What's Wrong with Our Democracy https://www.the-filipino-people.com/Republican-Government.html ;
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