Effectivity of the
Jury Systems Law



Section 1. Any act punishable as a crime of obstruction of justice committed prior to the enactment of this law which has not yet prescribed for prosecution shall remain subject to prosecution up to ten years after the effective date of this law.

Section 2. Any offense punishable by imprisonment for one year or more and its crime suspect has already been indicted by the Ombudsman or by any government prosecutor and the trial against the accused has not yet commenced within six (6) months after the effective date of this law, or if trial has already commenced and it cannot be completed within six (6) months after this law has taken effect, the accused in such indictment shall be tried by a jury in accordance with the provision of Article X, Section 4(i) of the Jury Systems Law.

Section 3. Any government prosecutor or his deputy who has been officially designated to prosecute the criminal case under the category defined above who fails or failed to comply with his duty to commence to prosecute the matter within thirty-five (35) days, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays, included, from the date he was designated to prosecute the matter, shall be liable for the crime of Obstruction of Justice upon secret investigation and indictment by a grand jury on the complaint of the accused, or by the crime victim or relative or friend of such victim or by a member of the public through the media.

Section 4. This law shall take effect upon election for its approval by the people and after fifteen (15) days of its publication in the official gazette or fifteen (15) days after the publication of all its provisions in a newspaper with a national or general circulation whichever comes first.

Section 3. Date approved by the people: __________, Year ________.

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© Copy rights 1986 to 2012 by Marlowe Camello

NOTE: The information below is not a part of this law.

To Whom It May Concern:

The proponents and sponsors of this proposed law are welcome to email their request to its author named below for advice or assistance in launching this proposed people’s initiative. This draft is being up-dated from time to time for amendments or correction. It is advised that its latest up-dated version be obtained from the undersigned author of this proposed law.

If this proposed law is successfully enacted into law, its author - if given the privilege to be consulted by the dignitaries of the courts, law professors and lawyers in the Philippines - would be delighted to give his advice pro bono to those who need it to speed up its implementation.

The author can be contacted through his email at: mcamello@verizon.net or mcamello@lawyer.com .

Marlowe CamelloAuthor of the People’s Jury Initiative
Updated as of January 11, 2011Member of the Philippine and California Bars.

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