Our Republican Government
We were never told that
We have 2 powerful votes in it.

Our republican form of government in the Philippines has been in existence long time ago but we, the Filipino People, never knew that we have two (2) hidden unalienable voting rights in it. Our constitution states in Article II, Section 1, that: "The Philippines is a democratic and republican State. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them."

Without doubt, we have been operating our government as a democracy as shown in our tradition of coming to our polling [or "fooling"(?)] electoral places each election time to cast our sovereign ballot with our single precious vote. Little did we know that we are only surrendering our sovereignty to politicians without knowing that many of them are predators or grafters.

In spite of the fact that we have been trying to keep our democracy as a protector of our freedom and liberties, we are now finding that our so-called democracy is no better than the dictatorship in other countries. Why?


The problem with our democracy is that we have not been told, or we have not learned, that our unalienable rights are best protected in our Republican form of government. I am not talking about the "Republican Party" in the U.S. or the "Republican National Guard" of the late Sadam Hussein. What I am referring to is what we have written in our Constitution which says: "The Philippines is a democratic and republican state".

Be sure to read it in the bottom part of this message and you will know why "republicanism" is very important for all Filipinos, specially this time when the poor are already treated like 2nd class citizens by the rich and the mighty of Philippine society.

We have a near-perfect constitution in order for us to have a perfect democracy. The trouble is that majority of our people have no natural incentive to learn to earn more and to plan for their future. May be I also belong to that category because I prefer to use more of my time in promoting the jury system than devoting my time in my law practice. I don't care if I retire or die poor as long as I am able to help install the jury system. We are the kind of people that needs guidance, for lack of self-incentive, both with educational guidance and judicial guidance.

Educational guidance is acquired in school from kindergarten through college education. The great majority of us can reach only up to high school and not many of us finish our course perhaps up to 70% only and that rate is now going down at a faster phase.

In the sphere of judicial guidance, it is almost flat zero as far as the entire population of the Philippines is concerned. Even those who step in colleges and universities, as much as 90% of them do not have the chance to know how our judicial system works and how it can affect their lives and so, they belong to the people that lacks judicial guidance also. Only those who take law courses in colleges and universities acquire judicial guidance and they have to pay for it.

Unfortunately, the people described above, and they comprise the greatest majority of Filipinos, are the most vulnerable prey to Filipino political predators most of whom are officials and employees in the government. Without judicial guidance, of course, most Filipinos will never know how to protect their interest in almost every aspect of their social life against those who take advantage of their lack of knowledge of our judicial system.

Most of the Filipino people are always dependent upon lawyers for advice and the problem is that some lawyers are just as predatory as those predators in the public service.

What we need in our democracy is to adopt a policy that can provide judicial guidance at no cost to our common people "for all those who have less in life and to have more in law" .. according to our beloved late President Ramon Magsaysay. This can be achieved only when we adopt the Jury Systems Law. It is through Jury Instruction that the people obtain their judicial guidance besides cleaning the government from graft infestation.

Yes, we have democracy, but very few can participate in it wisely in an active capacity. We a need judicial device by which we are enabled and guided to have a deciding voice in justice and participate meaningfully in our government, besides telling us to vote with enticements by politicians to fool us to sell to them our votes to elect predatory candidates who have mastered the art of fooling the Filipino people all the time.

So, do you wonder what it means that our government is also a republican in form besides being a democracy? Unfortunately, we have not used it in operating the government. We thought that being democratic in form it is just the same as republican.

We have not realized that in setting up our government as republican in form, we have two (2) more precious votes to spare. The right to vote through a grand jury and, the other, the right to vote in a trial jury.

Yes, by operating the country as a democracy, we the people are given the right to one (1) and only vote. A vote that surrenders our sovereignty to predatory politicians, and we call that as a right(?). It is more of a right of corrupt candidates that we vote for them so that they can use it to empower them to fool you and me.

We can have a strong democracy to protect us if we also operate it properly at the same time with our republican form of government.

The only time we can have a working democracy is when the great majority of the Filipino is enabled to work for it and in it. The way to do it is to exercise our two votes as described above to implement our republican form of government and TO VOTE OUT those predatory politicians. How did we know that we have this two additional votes to spare? Read it in the link below:

Citizen's Jury Hand Book

ALL THESE YEARS, since we became a republic, no politician or a judge has ever told us that we have those 2 additional votes to spare. These votes are even more powerful than the vote that we cast during election time. So powerful in fact that we can even send all those predatory corrupt politicians to jail.

Let us, therefore, speed up the enactment of our Jury Systems Law so that we can operate our government as a true "Republic of the Philippines" and gain to exercise our 3 votes. On vote to elect, one vote to indict and one vote to convict predatory and corrupt public officials.

In the U.S., even its judges, unfortunately, are trying to prevent the common American people to exercise it because of greed of power. It is indeed a struggle to keep a good democratic government either in America or even more in the Philippines. We, Filipinos therefore, have no choice but work hard to gain all our 3 precious votes via our republican form of government by setting up our grand jury and trial jury systems in addition to our electoral vote.