Appeal For Donation
By Marlowe Camello, Esquire
October 18, 2010
Homeland, California

I am respectfully presenting this Appeal for Donation to the various Benevolent Foundations, Trust Entities, and World Financial Bodies, to request for their financial help in behalf of over 70 million poor Filipino People.

This Appeal For Donation is prompted by the ever worsening government corruption in the Philippines. This country is virtually controlled by viciously corrupt public officials whose principal aim in seeking election or appointment to office is to steal public funds for self-enrichment and empowerment.

It is for the above reason that in spite of the massive financial aid from foreign countries for the Philippines, this Island Nation, could never prosper. It is easy for public officials to loot those foreign aid because its justice system is a government monopoly and exclusively controlled by its powerful public officials.

When a powerful public official in the Philippines steals government funds, he cannot be prosecuted for the simple reason that he is usually the recommending and/or appointing authority of the prosecutors and judges in his jurisdiction. He can just dictate the terms of justice upon the same prosecutors and judges. Any favorable response for this appeal for donation would greatly to reform the Philippine justice system.

With government funds and foreign aid, he can loot those funds into his personal bank account and he then uses the funds to raise his personal private armed body guards without being held personally responsible. The common and ordinary citizens, his constituents, are scared to complain against his abuses.

In some cities in the Philippines, some executive officials are highly suspected of organizing death squads for use to kill so-called suspected crime offenders of society to keep the peace in their cities.

Anyone who attempts to question the misconduct in office of such officials would end up being kidnapped or killed “mysteriously” even if it is known that the official had ordered the killing of the poor victim or if it is known that he has stolen moneys from the government.

Any amount of funds received out of this appeal for donation by the movers to help in the adoption of the proposed jury system would ultimately contribute to the efforts of finally preventing these mysterious killings of citizens.

One example of the many mysterious killings is that of the murders of a certain media man, Mr. Dacer and Mr. Corbito, his driver. It is only after a decade that suspects are now getting known. The suspects have turn out to be masterminded by certain high officials that include a former President, a Senator who was formerly a national police director, and several assistant police directors of which none of them until today is facing any court trial of any kind because they are simply judicially untouchables.

The Senator is now in hiding. In spite of his popularity, his whereabouts could not be known. Some people are suspecting that those who are trying to "find him" are the same people who are also helping him to conceal his whereabouts. It's a joke!

This Philippine Justice system accounts for the high rate of extra-judicial killing of media members and common citizens. Such killings made its highest peak last November 2009 in that certain infamous Maguindanao massacre where several members of the media, lawyers, including many women, around 59 persons in all, were gruesomely killed in just an hour in a remote town that was controlled by a family clan of powerful politicians.

This writer has thought of recommending to the Filipino People, long before the above incidents happened, the adoption of the U.S. style Grand Jury and Trial Jury systems. This is the reason for his Appeal for donation. The title of the proposed jury law is the “People Empowerment Initiative”. The only way to successfully enact this proposal is by the people’s initiative process for direct approval by the common people through an election under Philippine Republic Act 6735.

This Appeal For Donation is roughly estimated in the amount of $10 million US dollars to successfully launch the people’s initiative campaign. I earnestly request the kindness of the following World Entities to help contribute to the needed funds for the enactment of the Initiative:

European Instrument for Democracy & Human Rights (EIDHR)

Ford Foundation Grants

Marek Nowicki Small Grants Fund

Asian Development Bank

Fund for Global Human Rights

Gwangju Prize for Human Rights

The John D. And Katherine T. MacArthur Foundation

National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

The Finnish NGO Foundation for Human Rights (KIDS)

The John Merck Fund

The Libra Foundation

Norwegian Human Rights Fund

The Open Society Foundations

The Overbrook Foundation

The Taiwan Foundation For Democracy

The U.S. Human Rights Fund

Aga Khan Foundation

The Stanley Foundation

Konrad-Adenuer Stiftung

The World Bank Institute

South Asian Grants Program

I request further to communicate their inquiry or response to this Appeal for Donation to the following active sponsors of the Jury Initiative:

    • Atty. Berteni "Toto" Causin 
    • Atty. Cita Borromeo Garcia 
    • Ms. Elvie Medina

Likewise, I am addressing this Appeal for Donation to all Filipino Overseas Workers to contribute a part of their earnings so that we can successfully put an end to our government owned and controlled or monopolized Justice System.

This monopoly is, in fact, the basic and fundamental cause of graft and corruption as well as human rights abuses and extrajudicial killings in the Philippines.

Appeal For Donation Once we shall have enacted the Grand Jury and Trial Jury Systems, you or some of your close relatives, friends, and neighbors will one day be chosen to sit in one of these juries. This, in turn, will EMPOWER you or them when seated in a Hall of Justice TO FREELY DECIDE through the supervision of judges whether you will accuse or indict in court, or hear, try and decide to convict a guilty (or acquit an innocent) accused crime suspect of corruption, or human rights abuser or extra-judicial killer.

There are many safeguard provisions in the proposed “People Empowerment Initiative” to help prevent any harm on you when you serve for jury duty. It will be your opportunity to "fight back" in justice on your own terms and decision.

The Jury System is the best and only way, without blood shed, to reform this mega corrupt Republic of the Philippines. Please help us in this appeal for donation of funds. Your contribution is mostly needed and will be greatly appreciated.

Once we have installed the Jury Systems we, the Filipino People, will be on our road to attaining the kind of peaceful society like we see in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K., among others. The Jury System is the common thread of these countries in keeping equal justice for their peoples because the peoples themselves are in control of their justice system - not their public officials.

Thank you. May God bless us all.


Marlowe Camello Email: ______________________________________________________________________

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