Leaders of the Adoption of
The Jury System in the Philippines

The jury adoption movement in the Philippines is blessed in the hands of leaders who are very highly talented and dedicated professionals. Foremost among them are:

  • Atty. Berteni "Toto" Causing, Email to: totocausing@yahoo.com
  • Atty. Cita Borromeo Garcia, Email to: citagrc@yahoo.com
  • Ms. Elvie Medina, Email to: elviemedina2002@yahoo.com

  • Mr. Patrick Pantaleon, Email to: patrickdpantaleon_2005@yahoo.com

  • Mr. Oscar Barrera, Email to: barsand42@hotmail.com
  • Ms. Daisy Brett-Holt Email to: daisyabh2@gmail.com
  • Mr. Marcelo Tecson, CPA, Email to: martecson@yahoo.com
  • Atty. Vic Velasquez, Texas Trial Lawyer, Email to: attyvic@gmail.com
  • Ma.Ana Maravilla, PhilJury Organizer, Email to: london_philjury@yahoo.co.uk
  • Mr. JM Nepomuceno, M&B Consultant, Email to: pmcsi.phils@gmail.com
  • Bro. Roly Dizon, FSC, Educator, Email to: dizonr@dlsu.edu.ph
  • Dr. Nelson Paguyo, MD, Email to: nestland@msn.com
  • Mr. Mark Alegre,Gospel Preacher Email to: rajah1211@aol.com

  • Dr. Anacleto B. Millendez, Philantropist "The Beautiful Heart Foundation" Email to: thebhfi@yahoo.combr>
  • New and prominent leaders of the jury adoption movement are shown below.

    Most Rev. Broderick S. Pabillo, DD,
    Ms. Lyndale Causing, Educator,
    Atty. Ernesto Francisco, Crusading Lawyer, Professor,
    Atty. Vic Millora, Former President of the IBP,
    Mr. Jim Garen, President of PhilJury,
    Honorable Judge Solis,

    The above list is still incomplete. There are many others who deserve to be named here including those who have newly signified their support for the adoption of the jury system. Due to the ever increasing number of jury adoption supporters, I am unable to have enough time to up-date this list.

    Currently Ms. Elvie Medina, Atty. Cita, and Atty. Toto are working on the logistics of putting up a series of Jury TV drama for national and global showings to educate the Filipino people both in the Philippines and around the world on how the jury system works. Elvie has provided the author of this initiative the theme and synopsis of the show. It is indeed very interesting and can possibly become a prime time TV show.

    Besides being known as a brilliant and illustrious law practitioner in Manila, Atty "Toto" Causing is also an engineer and a prolific journalist by profession. He is the editor of the Diaryo Magdalo. He is associated with another distinguished young lawyer, Atty. Cirilo Sabarre Jr.

    Atty. Cita Borromeo Garcia is likewise a private law practitioner in Quezon City. She is a fearless anti-graft crusader and great fighter for justice. With her uncompromising stand for justice, she is highly respected by many judges and justices as well as by Registrar of Deeds. In time of calamities, you will find her tirelessly helping unfortunate calamity victims.

    Ms. Elvira Medina is a highly respected media professional with vast experience in local, national, and international relations in promoting goodwill among people. She is the original architect in the project of staging a Jury TV drama with the view of educating the people on ow the jury system works.

    Mr. Patrick Pantaleon has practically offered fully his home as the permanent meeting place for jury meetings including free lunches for every attending participants. He also has acted as liaison for dignitaries in the meetings.

    The author of the "People Empowerment Initiative" and his wife owe their gratitude to Mr. Oscar Barrera, Trustee Director of the PhilExport Confederation, who has offered to underwrite their traveling expenses to come to Manila from the U.S. to attend an important meeting regarding this jury advocacy.

    In her tireless efforts, Ms. Daisy Brett-Holt has likewise been actively organizing the Jury Adoption movement in England. She has put up a web site titled "Philippine Jury International, A Step Towards A Better Philippines." She is well aware that it is only through the people's participation in justice affairs that we can effectively stop government corruption in our country in similar fashion in the country where she now lives.

    With his strong convincing arguments, Mr. Mar Tecson, CPA, has convinced us of the necessity of recommending strongly to President Aquino the re-imposition of the pre-audit system in government disbursement of funds and the appointment of an Anti-Graft Czar that would serve as the eyes and ears both for the President and for the Grand Juries in going after grafters in the government.

    Long before the draft of the "People Empowerment Initiative" was written, Atty. Vic Velasquez, a jury trial attorney in Texas, USA, and Ms. Ana Maravilla, a PhilJury Orgaizer, U.K., have been launching their jury TV and Radio campaigns each time they got back home for sentimental visits bringing with them their experiences and personal knowledge of the merits of the Jury System. We owe them the implanting of the jury embryo in the Philippines.

    We may recall that Mr. JM Nepomuceno and Bro. Roly Dizon were the original conveners of the first convention for the jury crusade. JM was the chairperson of the convention and Bro. Roly provided its venue at De La Salle University, Manila, last February 10, 2009. The convention was attended, among others as I can recall, by our energetic Mr. Mar Tecson, Atty. Vic Velasquez, Mr. Roman Guerrero, and the late Mr. Vic Del Fierro, Jr. I think there were other jury advocates present but unfortunately, I could not remember their names at this time. I hope and request that someone will email me their names.

    By the way, the late Vic Del Fierro Jr was the very first person some time in 2006 that I was able to meet in cyberspace and convince to embrace the Jury System thing. He even became more interested than I was and he would call me almost 2 times a day each week to lay out our strategy to promote the jury system advocacy. At that time, Atty. Toto Causing was his legal counsel on some of his court cases, and, I believe, it was from him that Atty Toto got interested in the Jury advocacy. May God grant him peace. His daughter, Cembyl Del Fierro, in some ways has taken over the cudgels on this jury advocacy for her father, Vic.

    Dr. Nelson Paguyo, an active medical practitioner in Minnesota, USA, is one great debater. When it comes to depending the principles of the Jury System, he is always there with his flawless arguments.

    Safeguard for the Funds
    of the Jury Advocacy

    To safeguard the funds of donors who are supporting the jury adoption movement, Atty. Causing has opened a Bank Trust Account specially for the jury adoption donors.

    A bank trust account is a special fiduciary account wherein moneys deposited in it including personal funds of the custodian cannot be disbursed or spent other than for the purpose it was created. Funds in this account will be used exclusively for the advancement of the jury system. It is subject to audit or inspection upon demand by any member of the organization to protect the interest of the donors. The details of the account are as follows:

    Bank Account Name: Hukuman Ng Mamamayan Movement, Incorporated
    Bank Account Number: 446633300011
    Bank Name: Philippine National Bank - Intramuros Branch, Manila, Philippines

    Donors to the Jury adoption movement in the Philippines are requested to directly deposit their money contribution to the account mentioned above from any country they reside in.

    There are now a large number of Filipinos who have pledged their support to the creation of the jury system in the Philippines. The following is a random partial list of their names and emails:

    Individual Supporters
    (This is only a partial list as I am still
    compiling names of jury supporters and advocates)

    Florangel Braid, 1987 Const Delegate, anti-graft crusader, florangel.braid@gmail.com
    Batas Mauricio, lawyer, NGO anti-graft crusader and media leader, batasmauricio@yahoo.com
    Cesar Torres, University Professor, anti-graft crusader, Cesar1185@aol.com
    Jun Aguilar, Business Management specialist, anti-graft crusader/civic leader, fsaguilarjr@yahoo.com

    Lolita Farmer, Lawyer (Australia), NGO Anti-graft crusader, lcfarmer@yahoo.com.au
    Tom Baena, Lawyer (Australia), Retired Sydney Police Officer and Australian Army Major Military Police, tom.baena@gmail.com,
    Jerry Nepomuceno, Civic Leader, Anti-Graft Crusader lazir_96@yahoo.com,

    Frank Naval, Anti-graft crusader, civic leader, organizer, frankmelizflp@gmail.com
    Mila Marzo, Civic leader, anti-graft crusader, entrepreneur, faith77143@yahoo.com
    Philip Chua,MD, Civic Leader, fearless anti-graft crusader, scalpelpen@gmail.com
    Greg Mariano, MD, uncompromising anti-graft crusader,civic leader, gmarianojr@yahoo.com
    Fr. Terry Barcelon, SJ, Educator, anti-graft crusader, Columnist, emeterio_barcelon@yahoo.com

    Roger "Ogie" Reyes, Engineer, journalist, anti-graft crusader, pazogie2003@yahoo.com
    Amanda Bueno,anti-graft crusader, amanda_bueno@yahoo.com
    Benjamin Gerodias, Civic Leader, Anti-Graft Crusader, bs23gerodias@yahoo.com
    Andy Rimando,anti-graft crusader, andrewrimando@gmail.com
    Jerome Babate, University Professor, Educator, profbabate@yahoo.com

    Grant Villaflor, Retired judicial Officer, villaflor08@ymail.com
    Ben Majam, Professor, Gospel Preacher, anti-graft crusader, Bmajam3@aol.com
    Benny Rayel, anti-graft crusader, organizer, bennyqrayel@hotmail.com
    Arman Muleem, anti-graft crusader, armanmuleem@yahoo.com
    Jose Samilin, CPA, anti-graft crusader, josesamilin181@yahoo.com

    Josie Castro, anti-graft crusader, jcastro@ph.ucla.edu
    Susie Barbieri, philanthropist, civic leader, anti-graft crusader, susie2412@yahoo.com
    Tony Villan, anti-graft crusader, tonyvillan@yahoo.com
    Ramon Gonzales, anti-graft crusader, Gospel Preacher, rcgonzales888@live.co.uk
    Lourdes Ceballos, NGO civic leader, environmentalist, easimedia@yahoo.com

    Paul Dalde, jury advocate, anti-graft crusader, civic leader, and human rights defender Irineo Goce, Journalist, linguist, anti-graft crusader, civic leader, kapule_2@yahoo.com
    Judge Nabong, Retired Regional Trial Judge, judgejammer@yahoo.com
    Cesar Patulot, NGO anti-graft crusader, dgreatcesar@yahoo.com

    Eterio Herrera, anti-graft crusader, eterioherrera@yahoo.com.au
    Romualdo Saises, NGO anti-graft crusader, saises_knights@yahoo.com
    Ramon Bunag, CPA-MBA, anti-graft crusader,civic leader, ramonbunag@gmail.com

    James Zamora, NGO civic leader, anti-graft crusader, JamesZamora@yahoo.com
    Balbino Chan, anti-graft crusader/civic leader, balbino_ph@yahoo.com
    Mary Macrine Aripal, student anti-graft leader, aripalmarymacrine@yahoo.com
    Clarissa, CPA, & Felix Escuadro, Anti-graft crusaders, clarissacescuadro@yahoo.com
    Cita Dinglasan, Educator, anti-graft crusader, civic leader, citadinglasan@yahoo.com

    Bobby Manasan, Engineer, Business Consultant, anti-graft crusadero, civic leader, bobmanasan@msn.com
    Lettie Serrano-Andres, Civic leader/organizer, Anti-Graft crusader, Educator, lettieserrano@yahoo.com,
    Cymbel del Fierro, Entrepreneur, anti-graft crusader and civic leader, cymbel77@yahoo.com
    Hermie Hormillosa, Entrepreneur, anti-graft crusader, civic leader, hmhormillosa@gmail.com
    Mary-Elizabeth Embry, Educator, Journalist, civic leader, anti-graft crusader, maria.embry@sbcglobal.net

    Cynthia Estrada, Civic Leader, anti-graft crusader, educator, journalist, advocam@gmail.com
    Copper Sturgeon, Educator, Anti-graft crusader, civic leader, isdang_tumbaga@att.net
    CD Victory, Anti-graft crusader, civic leader, cdvictory21@yahoo.com
    Dioni C. Grava, anti-graft crusader, civic leader, Dcgrava@aol.com
    Jaime Calero, Civic Leader, anti-graft crusader, patriot, jlcalero@people.net.au

    Rudolfo Ferran, Bio-Med Engineer, anti-graft crusader, civic leader, organizer, laferran2003@yahoo.com
    bankaw_itomon, debater, anti-graft crusader, civic leader, josepepe9902003@yahoo.com
    Roman Guerrero, patriot, anti-graft crusader, civic leader, romanguerrero1@gmail.com
    Conrad Angeles, Anti-graft crusader, civic leader, conradangeles@rocketmail.com
    Marlowe Camello, Author of "People Empowerment Initiative", mcamello@lawyer.com

    Organizations Supporting the Jury Adoption

    Postal Workers' Union of the Philippines consisting of 5000 officers and members. Their support was secured by Atty. Toto Causing.

    As of today, July 15, 2011, the Jury Adoption movement is now likewise gaining great support from civic organizations both in the Northern and Southern Philippines. Among them are the KATARUNGANG PANSAMBAYANAN INC,(KPI) in Cagayan Valley and General Santos. This group has been formed by energetic civic leaders Mr. Dominador Domingo and Ms. Zenny Alforque Gulle.

    KPI has over 6,000 active members and growing. It is an affiliate of Philippine Jury Initiative (formerly Philippine Jury International(UK).

    Anyone who may wish to get listed above may kindly email to Atty. Marlowe Camello, email: mcamello@verizon.net. Please indicate your name and email address. He is trying to recall others name for printing here but his memory is not cooperating enough at this moment. Antok na. Also, if you find an error in listing your name, please let him know for correction.
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    Can President Aquino Stop Government Corruption
    Without Your Vote in the Jury Systems?

    I think what President Kennedy said to the American people: "Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country" is also true for us Filipinos.

    Let us ask, and hear from you, what we can do for our country, the Philippines. Please write your thoughts on this page and let everybody know what you can do for our country.

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    Without your own vote in justice, through the jury system, do you think President Aquino with his own exclusive official or non-official confidants alone can prevent government corruption? What if they are self-protecting their own interest, like that of Rico Puno, instead of yours? Let us know your thoughts. Thanks. Marlowe.